About Us

Lauth transmedia GmbH is an IT-consulting company dealing with technical CONTENT and MEDIA TRANSLATION into valuable business.

Through our TRANSMEDIA-Principle (“TRANSLATION MEDIATION”) we offer together with our TRANSMEDIA-Partners the full range of services along technical and marketing documentation PLANNING, PROCESSING and TRANSLATION that are necessary, and much more beyond that:

  • we never loose track to position the documentation with regards to our customers and their customers’ market needs
  • sustainable documentation has to take into account the right global competitive marketing strategy of the company
  • sustainable documentation needs to follow DIN EN ISO norms and standards, for structuring the documentation, as well as for the maintenance of corporate terminology.

We are is offering services all along the CONTENT & MEDIA TRANSLATION VALUE CHAIN, starting from analysis of information and technical documentation processes, patent documentation, standardization of translation services, web-localization, DIN EN ISO-normed technical documentation, marketing and internationalization of products and services for new markets. All our services are listed under here.

Our service include for example:

  • IS-documentation analysis
  • requirements catalogs and specification documents for DIN EN ISO-normed technical documentation (incl. doc audits)
  • Websites – design, programming, translation and localization
  • multilingual ISO-normed terminology databases
  • patent documentation, patent translations
  • technical translations
  • marketing/pre-sales/project and product documentation packages
  • consulting and support for process optimization for the production and translation of ISO EN DIN-normed technical documentation
  • standardization and internationalization of in-house technical translation and documentation
  • in-house documentation training and coaching
  • intercultural and language-based training and coaching
  • production and translation of training and coaching materials
  • social media analysis, product positioning and marketing using social media and online marketing strategies
  • event management
  • - strategic partner management , new business development, new markets research and networking, negotiations

We love to work with a large Network of competent Partners that is giving us the opportunity to offer our customers such a large range or services tailored to its specific needs.

We are open for working with new partners and looking forward to new collaborations in large IT-infrastructure projects over PPP (Private-Public-Partnership) Lifecycle Project Alliancing over EU, EU Investment Bank (EIB), Worldbank and private investors. See details under PLM.